Container Gardening Basics

Container gardens are visually stimulating. Varying color,
texture, and height can make a simple patio corner spectacular.


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Creating a decorative container garden is a wonderful way to add color to your home, create a magical oasis on your back porch, or garden in tight spaces.  Select vibrantly colored plants that have similar water and light needs.  Truly dramatic containers have a combination of plants with height, form, color, and drape (vines, e.g.).  There are so many combinations – just rely on your imagination.

Container gardening is just as much about the pot as it is the plants.  Keep it simple with wood planters or terra cotta pots or make a visual impact with bold colored, glazed, ceramic pots.  Just remember, the pot should be large enough to accommodate your plants and have adequate drainage.  If the container you have chosen has a large hole in the bottom of it, use a large stone or piece shade cloth to cover it. Next fill the container with one to two inches of gravel. This will aid drainage.

Place the plants in the container before planting to make sure they will all fit well together.  Fill the container about halfway up with moist potting soil. Water each plant thoroughly. One by one, remove them from their pots and place the plants into the container.  If the plants you are using are root bound, tease the roots out a little before planting.

Fill the container with soil. Gently pack the soil down around the plant's roots to remove any air spaces.  Top dress the container with slow release fertilizer and water well

A revolution in patio planting. A expandable vertical planting
system can be fitted to your space requirements.